Do You Want To Make The Tastiest Beer Ever?

Hi, my name is Des and can I tell you that when I first started brewing my own beer … It tasted terrible – lol

The decision to start making my own beer was because I could no longer enjoy drinking “commercial” beer due to all the studies etc that have come out lately about what is actually in the tap water we drink, that plus the money I save every week is enough to get that extra game of golf a week … So it was a no-brainer.

Now, when I first started, I was trying this and trying that because I thought there was a lot of people out there making their own beer so it couldn’t be that hard … right?  Well, not so right.

After a few attempts of going it alone and starting to get a little frustrated with the lack of, well, it just tasted crappy. So I jumped online and did some research and found this excellent site that had “secret” (that’s the catch phrase of the decade, isn’t it) recipes that turned my beer making prowess from very ordinary into somewhat of beer brewing master.

Now, when friends come over, I just give them a “homie” and sit back to see if they say anything and the comments very from “where did you buy this” to “you’ve got to show me how”. So I point them in the same direction as I’m going to point you :-)   Don’t waste any more time thinking you can master beer brewing by yourself, get the tips from the pro’s. It’s a small price to pay to be proud of the beer you make.

Click on the image below and start making beer that’s going to be the envy of your mates … Cheers



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